Our Residential Solar Panels allow you to:
• Reduce or eliminate electricity bills
• Increase your home value
• Avoid future utility rate hikes

Electric City Solar Co. specializes in rooftop residential solar systems that give customers the opportunity to do their part in protecting the environment while reducing personal utility costs.

Our professional installers and state-of-the-art equipment mixed with our competitive prices ensure that going solar is both environmentally and economically beneficial for years to come.

Electric City Solar Co. is a locally owned and run residential solar company serving the residents of Northeast PA and the Pocono regions of Pennsylvania.

Our Advantage

Customer Education

Steady Communication

Quality Installations

Experienced Staff


Serving Northeastern PA

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At Electric City Solar Co., we take pride in educating homeowners on the benefits of switching to solar power.



We can custom design a roof mount for most any roof type.


Our Process

The sun shines, the panels create energy, the energy flows into your home and what you don’t use flows to the grid for credit.


“What an Amazing team! The crew was thorough, professional and took care of all our needs. They listened to our needs and worked within our budget. Their customer service and communication is stellar, something that you don't get with many companies these days.”

“It was such an easy process because they do everything. The guys installing it were the best too. Super easy to work with, 110% professional and the workmanship is top shelf!”

“Informative and patient in the beginning stages, clear communication for the project days, and friendly communication after all is said and done. They have been great to work with!”

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