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Residential Roof Mount Systems

Roof mounts continue to be one of the most popular solutions for homeowners and businesses wanting to go solar. Let’s face it, what else are you doing with your roof? Let it generate the energy you need to operate your home or business!

While many installers only mount on asphalt shingle roofs, we know that homeowners are choosing other materials like metal, rubber and rolled roof. No worries! We will custom design a roof mount for most any roof type. One of our project managers will be happy to assess the available space and orientation to make sure that roof-mounted solar makes sense.

Electric City Solar does offer ground mounts for some clients, if needed.

Own Your Solar System

By purchasing solar panels, you’re not just switching to a renewable energy source; you’re taking control of your electric usage. The power to manage your energy consumption and costs is literally at your fingertips, aligned with your values and lifestyle needs.

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Lease Your Solar System

If you’ve ever considered switching to solar, but buying solar panels for your house just doesn’t make sense, a residential lease might be right for you. 

At Electric City Solar, we recently partnered with SunPower, the #1 rated solar company in the US, to offer solar leases as well as solar loans. Solar panel residential leases have emerged as an attractive option for many homeowners looking to benefit from renewable energy without any upfront costs.

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